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Try our demonstrations below to see what you can do with Web Survey Creator – Have a look at the types of questions you can create, how they work on different devices, and the types of real-time online reports that can be used by you, your manager, or your clients...

  • Standard Survey Questions

    This sample demonstrates all the key question types available in our non Market Research versions of Web Survey Creator. This is a perfect way to understand the key features of the product.

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    Standard Web Survey Question Types
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    Market Research Survey

    This sample will give you a great idea of many of the key features available in the market research version of Web Survey Creator. If you are looking for a sample that just uses the features of the standard editions of the product we recommend you take a look at the link below.

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  • Mobile Survey Features

    Every survey created by Web Survey Creator is viewable and fully functional on a mobile device, so in that respect, there is nothing special about this sample. We have created this sample to make you more aware what we are doing behind the scenes to make the mobile experience so good.

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    Smartphone Surveys
  • Report Portals

    Reports and Web Portals

    So, you've created a great survey using all of Web Survey Creator's advanced tools, and collected your responses... what's next? No survey process is complete without high quality reporting.

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  • Mobile Phone Surveys

    Every survey created in Web Survey Creator works as well on a phone or tablet as it does on a desktop with no additional work.

  • Professional Templates

    When you create a survey, you can choose from over 60 Free templates in areas including customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, training and education.

  • Collaboration Tools

    If you work in a company department, or any other group that work together on surveys, or collaboration tools make it easy to share the workload.

  • Multilingual Surveys

    Create your surveys in multiple languages. You only need to translate your content. All standard message text, validations and onscreen controls are translated for you for most major languages.

  • Powerful Reporting

    If you want to provide real-time online results for your boss or your customers, you can customize a Web Portal and send them a link! Or use a Word or Excel report.

  • Market Research Versions

    Specialized market research versions of Web Survey Creator have the features MR professionals want data piping, choice linking, quotas, "snazzy" questions and more.

Key Resources

Check out our Reference Manual, knowledgebase for articles and Video's on how to use WSC.

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